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When potential clients are ready to take legal action, most start their journey online. Imagine what’s possible for your bottom line when you can immediately engage an audience who’s already searching for and ready to hear your message.

Critical Mass paid media services can help. Paid media encompasses several types of strategic marketing efforts that increase exposure, promote opportunities to achieve specific goals, and drive a positive return on investment (ROI).

Paid Search

A full suite of paid search services ensure your legal services break through the noise of crowded search engines and bring in qualified clients.

Paid Social

Exponentially amplify your reach to new potential clients, leveraging each platform’s targeting tools for optimized performance.


Leverage the vast scale, targeting capabilities, creative options, and buying methodologies of programmatic advertising to generate new cases and engage clients in meaningful ways.

No matter the channel, the goal is the same.

Ensure potential clients find your firm when they’re looking for representation and make it easy for them to engage, using advanced AI and neuroscience tools to analyze and improve advertising along the way. Once they engage, they’re vetted and passed on to you, ensuring you get the qualified retainers you want.

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The digital landscape is crowded, but our digital marketing services can help you stand out where and when it counts.

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