When it comes to truly understanding your audience, Critical Mass invites you to look deeper. Both conscious and unconscious responses drive human behavior and decision making. While it is difficult to predict those responses, we can show you it’s not impossible. Critical Mass uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and neuromarketing techniques to better predict customer engagement, sentiment, and, ultimately, response.

Data in the Blink of an Eye

Consumer responses to marketing material take place in milliseconds. Critical Mass neuromarketing services leverage every precious moment, tracking responses in real time.

Using the power of attention AI and neuromarketing technology, we can predict behavior that drives results for your firm. Specialized techniques are used to weigh emotional and cognitive responses, identify strength of preferences, measure memory, explicit associations, recommendations, and more.

Predict responses with 90% precision

Science-based techniques

Rapid response tracking

Multi-platform compatibility

Gain new insights into your audience

Our neuromarketing tools are simple, quick, applicable and available right now for mass adoption.

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